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Download Happy Farm:Candy Day - v 1.4.4 APK

It's one of my favorites casual android games. Now you can download Happy Farm:Candy Day - v 1.4.4 apk for your android gadgets like smartphone and tablet. If you want try this casual games, here the latest version. This current version apps have 29M file size and required Android 2.2 and up version to be working properly. You can get this apps for free

Happy Farm:Candy Day

What's in this version:

1.A mine is added to the farm
2.Ore processor and brewing machine are added to the shop
3.To increase the Max capacity of the warehouse and barn
4.Added Customer Service Function
5.Improved the drop rate of upgrading Material - Tape
6.Fixed data loss caused by system errors
7.Fixed major game bugs

We have seen Mona Lisa's smile, but we haven't seen the ancient Europeans' lifestyle. Follow my steps, I will lead you to a life in this old European farm.Quiet afternoon, birds are singing on the roof, horses are running in the field, groups of sheep are nestling aside shepherd dogs, being looked after and cared! Look, who is sleeping? Who is bathing in sunlight? All the beautiful life is in this ancient farm!Come on, enjoy the European aristocrats' luxury lifestyle.★2013 Top-selling superior game in Southeast Aisa.★The fastest-growing puzzle game of facebook in Asia★Many new media in mainland China report it as a cutting-edge game 2013.★ First-choice puzzle game for female users, the best game to develop sensitive thinking of the sixth sense.Comments:★google pla I'm playing Happy Farm and sincerely expecting your participation and help. Let's play the game together! My Game ID: 2272673. Hoping to become friends with you...

The games apps/apk get many good reviews from user that installing Happy Farm:Candy Day - v 1.4.4 in their smartphone and tablet.

Download Happy Farm:Candy Day - v 1.4.4 APK

Download Happy Farm:Candy Day - Download Happy Farm:Candy Day -

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